How Important A Plaques Award For You?

How Important Is A Gift To You? Confession, a word that I have not yet learned the basic word. Whether it comes from the word confess, me, or the other. I do not know, that I know a confession is what people are looking for recognition. So, how important is a plaques? If ‘very important’ is the parameter for the highest stratum of an answer, then I will answer that recognition is very important. This answer is not without reason, many phenomena so far that show how important an action.


A reward is a Form of Appreciation for a Person’s BUSINESS. For example in the company, Enterprises to obtain professional workforce in accordance with the demands of office required a continuous coaching, which is a business activities planning, organizing, use, and maintenance of labor to be able to perform the task effectively and efficiently.

As a concrete step in the guidance result, a plaques and awards employee who has performed well. The understanding of awards in the company often in the form of giving in the form of a charter and a sum of money from employee companies that have achievements. There are also companies that reward employees for their years of service and dedication can be an example for other employees. The awarding of rewards due to employee tenure aims to motivate the company’s passion and loyalty.

The award is an effort of the company to give a reward for the work of the employee, so as to encourage employees to work harder and potentially. Employees need an award when the results of their work have met or exceeded the standards set by the company. This award can be a compliment. Not only if employees make the mistake of obtaining insults from the leadership. Employees work has a purpose, among others, to obtain income for the needs and desires can be realized.

Let’s say after 20 years of work, then get the golden pin prize from the company. Of the several kinds of custom awards above, Yodhia explained, all good. Unless the rewards associated with the employment period.He added the award is not always related to the employment. Such awards are considered to be of less benefit because they tend to be incapable of motivating employees. According to him, a gift or award is worthy given because it can motivate employees to provide better performance or performance. This will also cause a sense of pride for employees. “So it spurs them to be more productive in working,” he said.

The rewards can vary, in the form of bonuses, promotions, additional responsibilities which for some employees can be a burden but for some other employees can be a reward point for him. But certainly, the company should give more value. “Sometimes it is not entirely about money,” he said.

The best form of award plaques is to let employees know that they are valued by the company, not just by a small group of people. Some companies sometimes place photo plaques of the most accomplished employees in the factory area to confirm that they can be role models for others.